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      I have a flight coming up, and although I’m allowed to take 30kg, I can only ever seem to squeeze in about 23kg of luggage in my hard-case suitcase.

      I’m hoping to bring back TimTams and other Australian goodies for my German friends and colleagues, so need as much spare space as possible.

      Do you know any tips for compressing my clothes, shoes and toiletries, to make more space for the real essentials?

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      Akshaya Hebbar

      The best tip I would give is to use vacuum compressed bags which you can easily find on Amazon.

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      I really saved weight was to see what I really need on a trip.
      Leggings are enough for me, always take some pair of Nike Pros with me, they are super thin and dry in no time if you want to wash them out. The Leggings weigh ca 140 grams, plus the Nike Pro Hotpants when it’s very warm. It weighs around 50 grams.
      I can bathe and swim in underwear and also saves the weight for an extra bikini or swimsuit. And if I’m in a more religious or conservative area I can still keep a top and leggings / hot pants on in the water.
      A few hygiene items and yes with shoes, it’s a bit difficult. 🙂

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      Melissa chris

      You can use vacuum compressed bags. I bought the same one by availing the Lily and Bean Promo Codes offered by reecupons and I’m happy to have it. You can buy the same bag from any place that would be the best for your travelling purpose.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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