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      Hey guys,
      after this long lockdown I am really in need of a nice beach vacay!
      I don’t need 40°C, but sun and warm weather. I would love to go swimming, eat nice food and sip some cocktails.
      What are your recommendations where to go? Do you have any specific hotels you loved?
      Thanks 🙂

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      I love Mallorca for that kind of vacation! Yes, there may be some crazy people there partying too hard and everything but it’s such a beautiful island, not too expensive with a great food culture 🙂

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      I would have recommended India, but the condition here is not that good, so I would suggest you go to Srilanka or the Maldives, as it’s not that expensive, especially Srilanka it’s beautiful and has so many sun kissing beaches to chill and also have varieties of drinks to offer! And if you want to stay away from the crowded destination because of the virus, you should visit the Maldives!

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      Hey Zeyna, what do you think about Greece? The Land of the gods and the Ouzo 😀 Sunny Beaches, yummy cocktails & amazing food, Greece seems like the perfect choice

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      Marie Schmied

      Greece sounds nice, but there are so many cities and islands to choose from… any favorites? I am also interested in going on a beach vacay

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      Costa Rica is a great place, once there you want to go back again and again!

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      Costa Rica is a great place, once there you want to go back again and again! I’ve been to several resorts, but it was Costa Rica that I liked best in terms of temperature, service and nature. I wasn’t dying from heat, the climate was very comfortable for me. Everything was great there. I was at this resort http://www.losaltosresort.com, if you are interested. Im a person who doesnt like a noisy atmosphere, so I often went to a secluded beach (there`s this service). Overall – very cool place! Has anyone else visited Costa Rica? What are your impressions?

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