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      Boody Boody

      I’m Boody. 29 years old living in Munich. I spontaneously decided to visit Mallorca. The idea is to break the daily routine, enjoy the sun on a beach, do a hike or two, eat good food and connect with people.

      I plan to visit different location in Mallorca, not jut Palma. Some beached in the north, and some caves in the north east, etc. I love the nature and I never get bored of it.
      I checked the transportation, and it is doable, however, if we have a car it would be much easier to move around. Unfortunatelly, I don’t have license for the time being as I need to get a new one, but if we are to rent a car, the costs are to be shared of course.

      Since one of my targets is to explore the culture and meet other travellers, I’m planning to stay in hostels. However, If we are 3 or more, we can rent an apartment or an Airbnb. The costs shown include the transportation and accomodation. Things can vary a bit according to the situation.

      MOST IMPORTANTLY: I’m very flexible and don’t cry over my plans, if you have an idea or you think that something in the plan is lame, please open up and communicate and we will do what best fits everyone.

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